Defenders of the Mithril Halls (DoMH) is a Lord of the Rings Online kinship on the Landroval server, comprised mostly of players across the North American timezones, with playtimes generally concentrated in the late evenings.

We are focused on endgame raid content, but our membership also includes non-raiders, altaholics, veteran creeps and freeps, deed completionists, and more. Above all, we are defined by the friendships we've established, both within the kin and with our out-of-kin raiding allies. Whether playing other games with old kinmates or kicking around the latest LOTRO content, we’ll be seeking out new challenges and having fun.

Regarding recruitment, our priority is to maintain the familial feel of the kinship. Because we are small and close-knit, a high level of trust, generosity and friendship runs between our members. For this reason, we usually take on new members through referrals from current members who have friends that they think would mesh well with our kinship, though we accept fresh applicants as well. Every kin member has a say on any new potential recruits that we evaluate.

We strive to maintain as drama-free a kinship as possible, both internally with each other, and externally with other kinships and the Landroval community. We look out not only for players with skill, but friendliness and social graces as well, and with whom we would be proud to have wear our kinship tag. In return we offer a kinship from which very few have ever felt the need to leave, friendships that span beyond the boundaries of the game, and help with any goals you may have.

With regards to raiding, we prefer to figure out encounters on our own and develop our own strategies. We ask that our members do not read guides or participate in raids on the beta servers before we tackle the content as a kin. We also avoid DKP loot systems, preferring a system that gives each person the best chance to get the items they most want, while still giving everyone that participated in the raid that day an "equal" chance at loot, regardless of how often someone raids. Some of our raid accomplishments include:

- 5-man Balrog in SoA at level 50 cap. 6-man Lt. HM and 3-man Gortheron T1 at level 65 cap. 6-man Draigoch at 75 cap.
- Server first Dar Narbugud clear (including Blind One and Mistress of Pestilence firsts).
- Server first hardmode clear of all Barad Guldur bosses. First North American kin to clear Lieutenant of Barad Guldur hardmode (Lt HM).
- Server first challenge mode clears of each Ost Dunhoth wing (Disease, Poison, Wound, Fear, Ivar, Gortheron), and the Challenger of Gortheron title. 5th North American kin to fully clear Ost Dunhoth Challenge Mode.
- Server first clears of Tower of Orthanc wings:  Lightning T2 and T2 CM, Acid T2 and T2 CM, Fire & Frost T2, and Shadow T2.
- Server first clears of Fires of Smaug and Battle for Erebor T2 CM, and Flight to the Lonely Mountain T2 (legit).

We are currently NOT RECRUITING due to Turbine's new direction for the game. We simply do not have much in the way of raids and company to offer new recruits at this time, nor do we have enough active officers to evaluate potential recruits. This will probably not change anytime soon.

While we are not actively recruiting, several of us still do play, a large group of us are still in touch with each other, and those that are not have a standing invitation to join the fold. Current members, you should get into Vent and hang out with us. :)

To get in contact with the officers, try one of the following names:

- Active: Digero, Eralain, Mellwynn, Nak, Radian, Rauva, Trinstar
- Inactive: Anaden, Arachnis, Belegil, Cadros, Ciariel, Danethor, Gregeor, Kata, Seoromur, Shiara

Or type "/who 1 95 defenders mithril halls" and ask anyone online to be forwarded to an officer.